Our Wines

All of the wines offered by Isinglass Estate are hand-crafted from grapes grown on our Estate.  We grow more than a dozen different varietals- both hybrids and vinifera, allowing us to create delightful custom blends each year as our harvest dictates. Here are a few of our current selections...

White Varietals



Brianna is a grape developed by the University of Minnesota to flourish in cooler temperatures and resist cold weather damage.  It is an abundant producer in Kansas- displaying large, full green clusters- ready for harvest in late July or early August.  

Price- $22


Riesling is a challenging varietal to grow in Kansas- preferring Northern West Coast sites and German venues.  But when it works- it really works!  Our Riesling is a lovely semi-sweet and fruity varietal!

Price- $20


White Blends



Our semi-dry "Zuri" blend features LaCrescent and Frontenac Gris, but adds about 18% of our fabulous Chardonnay for a light, buttery note.



Our sweet "Shiro" is a crowd favorite! Featuring strawberries and our fruity Viognier.

Price- $18

Price- $22

Red Blends



Price- $25

Our "Vermello" Red blend is a light, sunny blend of Marquette and Frontenac grapes.  Semi-dry.


Price- $24

Our "Piros" Red blend is a venture into uncharted flavors as our Frontenac frolics with our Marquette and a touch of oak.  The result is a light easy red with lots of personality. Semi-dry.


"Blackberry Cabernet"

Price- $24

Easily our most popular sweet wine, Blackberry Cab combines the best of Crimson Cabernet with sweet Estate blackberries.  Phenomenal sweet red.



Price- $30

Brilliant red blend with Marquette and Crimson Cabernet; medium oak.  Big, bold and breathtaking.  Classic dry red perfection.

Red Varietals



Price- $23

Frontenac grapes delight  when standing alone with a medium oak finish.  Lovely dry red.


"Frontenac Gris"

Price- $23

Frontenac Gris finished as a blush and brought to semi-sweet- our blush is perfect, classic, and delightful.

Dessert Wines

Just             Desserts RED

This sweet red blend features the fruity Frontenac and our tangy Marquette balanced perfectly to create this sweet and savory treat.


Just             Desserts WHITE

Our super sweet white blend features a fantastic balance of 23% Brianna, 34% LaCrescent and 43% Frontenac Gris.  Sweetness for this dessert wine was chosen by a crack team of tasting room volunteers! 

350ml or 750ml bottles

Price- $13, $26