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Winemaking- it's real thing around here!

From the soils in the vineyard to the labels on the bottles, winemaking is an age-old and fascinating practice.  We love to share our experiences starting in our vineyard (the largest in Kansas), and going all the way through bottling in our production room.  Every step is managed 100% onsite for an authentic Kansas Estate Wine experience.

The Vineyards

Isinglass manages nearly 40 acres of planted vines, and grows more than a dozen varietals.  Our oldest vines are more than 20 years old, and we plant hundreds of new ones every year.  Our July to September harvest averages about 75,000 pounds annually and we can make about 3000 cases of wine each year. 



Growing grapes in Kansas is hard work! Our steamy summers and our frequent spring and fall snowstorms are real challenges, too. 

Fortunately we have a rock star team to get us through the year.  Marcos and Manuel (pictured) work with Brandon and Daniel to take brilliant care of the vines.  They even get a little bit of pruning and fertilizing help from our English Baby Doll sheep!

Harvest, Crush, Fermentation, Finishing, and Bottling

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